Treaty Education

Treaty Education Outcomes and Indicators from Saskatchewan Ministry of Education



Grade Level Kindergarten Grade One Grade Two Grade Three Grade Four
Treaty Education Focus Getting to Know My Community Learning That We Are All Treaty People Creating a Strong Foundation Through Treaties Exploring Challenges and Opportunities in Treaty Making Understanding How Treaty Promises Have Not Been Kept
Treaty Relationships How is the diversity of First Nations in Saskatchewan reflected in your classroom/



How does sharing contribute to treaty relationships? How are treaties the basis of harmonious relationships in which land and resources are shared? How have the lifestyles of First Nations people changed prior to and after the signing of treaties? How are relationships affected when treaty promises are kept or broken?


Spirit and Intent How do the Circle of Life teachings   connect us to nature and one another?


How do thoughts influence actions? How important is honesty when examining one’s intentions? How were the historical worldviews of the British Crown and the First Nations different regarding land ownership? Why did First Nations’ leaders believe there was a benefit to both European education and traditional ways of learning?
Historical Context How do stories, traditions, and ceremonies connect people to the land?


How do nature and the land meet the needs of people? How were traditional forms of leadership practiced in First Nations’ communities prior to European contact? How do First Nations and Saskatchewan people benefit from Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10? How did First Nations people envision treaty as a means to ensure their livelihood and maintain their languages, cultures, and way of life?
Treaty Promises and Provisions Why is it important to understand the meaning and significance of keeping promises?


What is meant by We Are All Treaty People? Why are the symbols used by the Nêhiyawak, Nahkawé,  Nakota and Denesûliné First Nations and the British Crown important in Treaties 2, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10? How did the use of different languages in treaty making present challenges and how does that continue to impact people today? What objectives did the First Nations and the British Crown representatives have when negotiating treaty?


You can find all of the grade’s key questions in Treaty education here.




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