Orange Shirt Day

Madisson Shearer created this lesson for Orange Shirt Day. The lesson plan provides an understanding of residential schools and the history and intent of Orange Shirt Day. This lesson honors and respects the students, providing an authentic and meaningful activity for the class to learn about Orange Shirt Day. You can find Madisson’s lesson plan here.

Orange Shirt Day is a day to commemorate students who attended residential schools. It is an opportunity to work for reconciliation. Each year we celebrate Orange Shirt Day. An Orange shirt is worn this day as when Phyllis (Jack) Webstad first arrived at residential school, her orange shirt was stripped from her. Her experience with residential school was a strong influence on others and today she speaks out to share her story.

If you would like more information on Orange Shirt Day, you can find the website here.


Another fantastic lesson plan created for Orange Shirt Day was created by The Manitoba Teachers Society. This lesson plan is specific to grades K-3. Its an excellent resource to commemorate students who attended residential schools.

Find the lesson plan here: Orange shirt day by the Manitoba Teachers Society