Turtle Island

This lesson plan explores the creation story, Turtle Island. There are many different versions of the creation story. The story attached does not have to be the one you use and by no means are we promoting it as the best one. This is an option of many. new doc 2017-12-14 12.41.16_1 (1)

This lesson plan is to honor storytelling. It is to make beautiful connections to land and to understand our lives as individuals as part of a whole.

Important Note: Please consider the importance and intent of reading this story orally, compared to reading from a book showing pictures. Make a conscious effort to pronounce the names in the story.

The picture attached is an example of a piece that a student did during the lesson.

The attached are resources provided for this lesson.

Turtle Island Lesson Plan: Turtle Island Lesson Plan

Turtle Island Page Printout:  Turtle Island Page Template

Turtle Island Creation Story: The Creation of Turtle Island